There’s always a starting point.

This weekend I lost my voice. I knew it was going to happen. Like an old man who can predict the rain with his bum knee, I can predict pollen count with the quality of my voice. Right now, Savannah is on the cusp of Yellow Car Season.

Yellow Car Season finds my mornings full of mucus, my evenings full of mucus, and my sleep interrupted by hacking fits where my body has decided that 3:45 am is the best time to forcibly rid itself of said mucus.

Mid-day to early evening, I feel great—fantastic even. But, no matter how great I feel, I still sound like Marge Simpson, at best, and at night I turn into a lethargic blob of sneezing, coughing, mucus filled mess. It’s incredibly sexy.

This weekend also marked the beginning of the thoughts that would prompt this blog. Friday night was marred by the persistent emotional conflict that surrounds my family in Alabama. Saturday, I had a blind date, followed by long talks about my love life, which in combination can be overwhelming. Sunday, I attended our local PechaKucha (read: pe-chahk-cha) and heard a woman talk about how her most recent art reflected her 70 lbs lost in 52 weeks. The way she held herself accountable? She took a picture of everything she ate. I am not that dedicated, and I know it. However, there was something to be admired in her process.

By the end of the weekend, I had begun to reflect on my own self, on things I wanted, and the means with which I could go about meeting those wants, about changing, growing, evolving. I opened my journal and wrote down a list of goals. The next day, I walked two miles. The day after? I walked two more. It felt good.

So, this is a new adventure for me—an open blog where I’m going to try to keep record of my journey towards a higher level of existence (as my friend said, “That’s some heady shit.”) I want to be the absolute best I can be. I have a feeling this will encompass multiple avenues of trial and error, posts that are boring as hell, and hopefully some that enlighten on the way way. There will be tons of pontificating, but perhaps some nuggets of brilliance.

Why a blog? Well, I hope for some response. Reassurance? Of course. What human doesn’t crave response to the their questions and opinions? I’d love to know I’m not the only one lacking certainty, that I’m not the only one constantly searching, progressing. In part, it’s a sort of accountability. Setting of goals and knowing that someone might be reading.

I plan to post progress reports every Sunday evening on the week’s accomplishments or setbacks (aiming to have more of the former than latter.) Posted between will be artwork, thoughts, discoveries, adventures, reviews, rants.

Who knows? It will be an adventure. And I’m funny, sometimes, so you might even laugh.


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