Progress Report: March 7-13, 2011

3/7/11 @ 6:30 pm
Start Weight: 226.5      Start BMI: 38.62
3/13/11 @ 9:30 pm
End Weight: 228.5       End BMI: 39.03
Miles Walked: 13
Yoga: n/a

Thoughts: Discouraged, but not entirely. I know that adding the two mile walk every day (that I managed it) is helping my health, even if the pounds didn’t fly off in the first week. I weigh in on my Wii using Wii Fit, despite its overly perky advice. I’m going to pick Sunday at 9 am to be my new weigh-in time, to try to be more accurate.

• Watched “America The Beautiful”—a documentary by Daryl Roberts about self-image in the United States. Highly recommended for anyone and everyone. The best part was part where they showed a statistic showing some make-up ingredients used by women lead to smaller penis size in their male children. I laughed so hard. Definitely left me feeling beautiful and better about myself at the end.

• Watched “The Nature of Existence”—a documentary by Roger Nygard. It’s a good look at world religions and belief systems, but didn’t tell me things I didn’t know already. I tuned out in several parts. Overall? Interesting, but from the very beginning, it was easy to tell what the conclusion of the documentary would be. Didn’t change my feelings or opinions.

• Turned in the first four chapters of my YA novel to my critique group. Good to get feedback from them—and great to hear they liked the flow of things.

• Reviewed Floco Torres’s Floco’s Modern Life for Read it here.


Goals for next week:
• Walk a total 12 miles, and go to a yoga class
• Go somewhere I am not expecting to go
• Learn one thing I didn’t know
• Write for one hour, at least once a day
• Start reading a new book
• Work on next two chapters for YA novel and post a section
• Post twice to this blog


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