March 28-April 3, 2011 Progress Report

3/27/11 @ 11 am
End Weight: 230.5       End BMI: 39.33
4/4/11 @ 2 pm
End Weight: 229.7    End BMI: 39.22
Miles Walked: I didn’t keep up with it
Yoga: n/a

• Slacked off and screwed around this week, too, and blamed it on the weather. I made a bit of progress with bike riding, and definitely improved my diet (lots of fruit/juice)

• I wish I had a pedometer for my fingers—a fingometer? I’ve been writing a lot this week—mostly non-consequential things for an online writing game I play, but I’ve been filled with ideas for both my books.

Fun things I did:
• Babysat for an awesome two year old
• Did some volunteer work for a local group on Saturday

Time management. I didn’t even do my Sunday morning weigh-on and Sunday evening post. But, each day is a new day and I won’t let this set me back.

Goals from last week:
• Walk 10 miles, and go to a yoga class
• Read for one hour each weeknight before bed On Chapter 4 of To Kill A Mockingbird.
• Research better eating patterns for my body type and metabolism
• Add more fruits and veggies to my diet
• Don’t flake out or let work get in the way

Goals for next week:
• Walk 10 miles, and do 1 hr. of yoga
• Get to Ch. 10 of To Kill a Mockingbird
• Finish Emily’s wedding stuff
• Keep track of fruit/veggie count per day
• Don’t flake out or let work get in the way


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