Juice cleanse?!

Last Friday, I started a dietary cleanse that was a combination of two fantastic things in my arsenal:

  1. Clean, by Alejandro Junger–an absolutely amazing book. Clean explains a diet detox program in detail, giving you  information about your body and it’s gastrointestinal system that you, if you’re anything like me, definitely didn’t know or quite understand. It’s easy to read and not layered with a mass of scientific terms. I will say that some of Junger’s suggestions for a perfect cleanse are a little extreme–getting a $300 water filtration system installed in my apartment if definitely not a feasible investment for me, and a daily colonic is also not going to happen. However, his dietary tips are easy to follow, and the book includes recipes to help you through your cleanse. The few I tried were delicious. I first read this book during the summer of 2011 and was intimidated by the idea of completely changing my diet for this. I put it down as something I wanted to do, but “couldn’t afford to do” because of my budget.
  2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead–a documentary by Joe Cross. This documentary was absolutely amazing. Rather, it’s pretty darn good for the first half, where Joe travels the US on a 60-day juicing fast in the hopes of healing his autoimmune disease. (The second half of the documentary is just fantastic, and I won’t ruin for you. Just watch it. I cried, and was so inspired.) Joe (and the film’s animations) help explain the same principle’s Dr. Junger does–our bodies currently intake thousands more bad-for-you calories than outputs energy in exercise. Our early eat-to-live ancestors exerted copious amounts of calories just obtaining food, and modern humans barely have to move to intake 2500 calories in a single meal. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice supercharges your body, filling it with all the micronutrients you need. After watching this documentary, I knew I couldn’t make a single excuse or justification not to do a dietary cleanse. The documentary is that good.

In my next post, I’ll detail the preparation for your own juice cleanse, and I will tell you about my (over)preparation for my juice fast!

Follow my Juice Cleanse in the next posts: Preparing for your cleanse!, Sarah’s 8 Day Juice Cleanse–Part 1Sarah’s 8 Day Juice Cleanse–Part 2


6 thoughts on “Juice cleanse?!

    • heybates says:

      I’ve watched it twice, and still enjoyed it the second time. I invited girlfriends over for juice hors d’ouevres and a viewing of the film! Enjoy!!

      • njsherry says:

        I watched it and I really liked it. So interesting and inspiring! I couldn’t believe it when that man said he was o.k to die at 55 because he would be happy eating whatever he wanted; all this with his son sitting right beside him! Eeeeks!

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