Sweet 16!

I always said, “If I can just get to a size 16, I will be satisfied.”

Yesterday, I purchased a pair of size 16 jeans from Target. In the fall, I purchased a pair of size 18 and couldn’t fit into another single pair of pants in the store. Yesterday, I fit into three different styles of pants! This may not seem like a tremendous deal–or maybe it does, but I feel the need to put some of my perspective on it. I haven’t been able to shop for pants in a place like Target for year. For the last 7 years, I have only been able to buy pants from the plus-size section of Wal-Mart–which is better than where I was in late high school/early college! The largest size pant I ever wore was a 22, and I could only get 22s that fit at Lane Bryant.

So, I got to a size 16, and I’m not satisfied! Not by any means. I can’t wait to be a 14, 12, 10–I can’t friggin’ wait!


4 thoughts on “Sweet 16!

  1. njsherry says:

    That’s great; good for you! I wore an 18 in the fall this past year, and just went into a store yesterday (not a plus size store) and purchased a size 13 :). It was emotional, but today I was walking around in my new pants proud as a peacock!

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