Sarah’s 8 Day Juice Fast–Part 1!

For this post and the next, I will detail what I did for my juice fast, including the recipes I followed from Reboot, and my notes on the process. I don’t claim perfection with this fast, but I enjoyed it and its benefits. Two of my friends have already tried juicing in their schedules, and I’m glad to share my experience with them and with y’all!

I followed the Reboot program for the most part, but ended up altering and shortening my fast because I was to be going out of town on the last day. Ultimately, I did a ten day cleanse, and for five days, ate only fruits and vegetables. My socks were rocked. I overbought groceries because I was prepared to do a 15 day Reboot, and didn’t realize half the recipes were for 2+ people. If you go with Reboot, please read all the recipes carefully and plan ahead. I ended up spending ~$200 on juicing groceries for a week… just me! And I also ended up giving two cloth bags of producing to friends. I’ve included the serving sizes each recipe yielded for me in my .pdf download below. Reboot also offers nutritional values for all their recipes/juices on their website.

At the end of this post, you will find a download link for a .pdf of the recipes I followed. Days 9 and 10 are not included, as I was out of town. I stuck to a mostly vegetarian diet for days 9+, but did start testing out the foods I had eliminated before my cleanse (and throughout the last three months as a vegan.) I have sense tried bread, coffee, eggs, dairy, fish/shellfish, pork, and turkey–everything by the coffee and bread I had not eaten in three months! Let’s just say, I’m back to veganism again!

I think I might include more yogurt and local, organic eggs in my diet, as the protein and probiotic benefit is really great, and I have really been enjoying our farmer’s market here in Forsyth Park and am looking forward to the new membership my roommate got at the co-op. And if some organic, local bacon came my way, I would not say no.

Expect a post from me soon on Veganism vs. Buying Local vs. Organic vs. Everything! And please enjoy your juice fast! I would love to hear comments from anyone else giving it a whirl! Good luck and happy juicing!

PDF DOWNLOAD: Sarah’s 8 Day Juice Fast–Days 1-3 Download. I left my notes off this .pdf so y’all can print it and use it on your own. Please let me know if you find it helpful. Here are my additional notes on days 1-3:

Sarah’s Notes on Days 1-3

Day One
• Mustard Vinaigrette–instead of grain mustard, I used Nasoya dijon nayonnaise. Just as yum!
• Raw Carrot/Ginger Soup freezes well. I froze half the batch and saved it for a friend. Also, just FYI, 12 carrots made approximately three cups of carrot juice!
• Ginger Soy Dressing– the Reboot recipe calls for 2 tbsp. of ginger, but I highly recommend halving that. 2 tbsp. Left me with fire breath for hours!
• Steamed Veggies–I saved these for leftovers for another meal. These could make a great snack on your Eating & Juicing days.
• Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea and Yogi brand teas are my new favorites! Just so you know.

Day Two
• V28 is the most disgusting juice I have ever tasted. I could tell it was going to be foul from the moment I smelled it, and suggested having my roommate film the first taste. What you don’t see in this video is me spending the next fifteen minutes trying not to gag my way through this juice. I had to stand over the sink, and finally poured the rest of it down the drain because it made me throw up in my mouth. Literally, literally, literally. UGH. I normally have a pretty good tolerance for nausea, but I found this juice revolting.
• Day Two wasn’t a total bust, though. The Roasted Acorn Squash was absolute the best meal I made on this fast, and is the only meal I’ve made since. If you are doing this fast on your own, I recommend buying the smallest Acorn Squash you can find. I bought one half the size of some of the other squash, and instead ate 1/2 the squash for a serving instead of a quarter.

Day Three
• For breakfast, a warm meal is highly recommended to aid in digestion during your fast. However, I ate my large fuji raw on this morning.
• The Pineapple & Avocado Gazpacho is a recipe I stole from Clean by Alejandro Junger. It was amazing. It tasted so good, I saved the rest for dinner and moved my original plan for dinner to another day.


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