Plateau Begone

(Get it? Woe begone? Pleateau begone? *womp womp*)

My favorite jean is the Merona Bootcut (Style 4: Curvy Hip & Thigh Stretch) at Target. On the left, December 23, 2012, I’m wearing an 18. On the right, last week, I’m wearing an 8. I’m rocking a 12 at Express, and a 10 at Old Navy. I feel absolutely amazing. Thanks Target. You make a girl feel good!

I plateaued this summer, and so did my blogging. I can blame it on a lot of things, though I try not to—yes, Savannah was unbearably hot this summer, and yes, I had to be at work two hours earlier than normal, which affected my morning routine.

I did do some good things this summer, and hit some important milestones! First, I spent the summer practicing yoga, which was absolutely one of the best choices I made in this heat. (Heat leads to crazy summer decisions.) I went 2-3 times a week, became friends with my fantastic yoga instructor, and did shoulder stand for the first time ever. It was amazing.

I also tried the Clean program I’ve been touting about for the first time, and loved it. It was like I melted when I cut out wheat and gluten. Too amazing. (More info can be found at I want to try it again someday soon, and incorporate more of its practices into my every day life.

In big news, I hit 179 lbs., which put me at 53.4 lbs. lost since February 1, 2012! I’m hovering between 179-182 right now, but am so proud of having hit and stayed over the 50 lb. mark this summer. This means I’m officially halfway to my ultimate goal! (I even made an annoyingly cute little running girl ticker below.)

With the summer winding down, and fall officially starting today, it’s time for me to start the path to the last 50 lbs. shed. Before I lost the first 50, I made a list of achievable milestones and rewards for each, so I’m going to do that again here.

170: 3 Month Unlimited Yoga Pass for November-January, and new yoga pants *This is a big reward, but getting over this plateau by 10 more lbs. will be quite the achievement!*
Target Date– 10/31/12

160: Sibling T-Shirts for Christmas Photo (see next item) & new jeans
Target Date– 12/14/12

150: Spa Day–Manicure, pedicure, and a haircut from somewhere nice. *I will weigh as much as my baby brothers!*
Target Date–1/31/12

140: Tattoo by the amazing Kim Reed
Target Date– 3/14/12

130: This is not necessarily a goal that I have to make. If I get there, HOLLA. But I also know that 140 is a perfectly healthy weight for me. The biggest goal for me is getting to a place I feel healthy and happy, and maintaining that weight and the healthy habits I’ve picked up for the rest of my life.
Target Date– 5/1/13

Start: 233 lbs., size 18-20+/XL-XXL, Hips: 51″, Waist: 39″, Thighs: 28″, Calves: 19.5″
Current: 180 lbs., size 10-12/M, Hips: 43″, Waist: 33″, Thighs: 24″, Calves: 17-18″

Have you plateaued recently? What motivated you to push through and keep going?


4 thoughts on “Plateau Begone

  1. CJ says:

    That clean program looks interesting. It’s not cheap though. ugh.

    I actually had a pretty bad plateau a couple weeks ago. Seemed that nothing I did made any difference at all.

    I ended up breaking my plateau mostly out of frustration. I spent some time in Vegas where I was initially set on keeping up my diet. But due to the plateau, and the nature of vegas, I said screw it and went full “horrible died” for 4 days.

    When I got back home, to my surprise, I’d only gained a couple of pounds. So I decided to start up my diet and routine again, and the plateau seemed like it never happened.

    So proud of you Sarah!! as someone who’s going through a very similar thing right now (I hit 270, and decided it was time to lose 100.) I’m can say, first hand, that I know how much work it is and how much commitment it takes. Again, I’m so proud of you!

  2. Ed says:

    Sarah, you look amazing. I would have passed you on the streets in Savannah and never know whom you are. Congratulations! The hard work you put in shows and has paid off. Keep on!
    Much love, ED

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